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I'm currently available for freelance work.


Helmet Artwork

If your sport requires you to wear a helmet, you may as well make it look good, right?! I can create beautiful custom artwork on nearly any kind of hard-surfaced helmet

Airbrush Artwork

I subcontract several automotive airbrush artists from around the United States. These artists have amazing talent and can create any custom color you can think of! Each of these artists are known for their work ethic and like me, their attention to detail. They ensure that your helmet is airbrushed neatly and professionally. My airbrush artists clear coat every helmet with 2 to 3 coats of automotive-grade urethane. This ensures that the artwork is preserved properly and that it will be safe from harsh uv rays or fading over time

Hand Painted Imagery

I use the highest quality acrylic paint on the market. I built my brand on the fact that every helmet is unique- no two are alike. I do not use stencils or pre-fabricated designs, every helmet is carefully hand painted with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed

Commissioned Artwork

Most of my professional artwork is done on helmets, but I also do several other kinds of commissioned artworks. I use several forms of media including but not limited to: pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil paint, ink pen and clay/ceramic art


We're confident you'll love our work, but don't take our word for it. Here's what people have to say about us!

Casey McGrath

Marissa does more than paint helmets, she transforms them. She's wholly committed to realizing her client's vision and she's completely artistically equipped to do so. The helmet was even more breathtakingly beautiful in person. It's an honor to wear her work!

Karla Young

Excellent customer service! Final product was better than I could have ever imagined

Joey Guidry

Quick lil story. So, as a kid, I thought Evel Kneivel was the baddest-ass(or bad-assest? lol) daredevil there was. He was kinda the only one known back then, but that probably made him even cooler. I even remember doing a book report or something to that effect on him in elementary or middle school, and dressing as him for the presentation. I though it was the coolest outfit design. Fast forward to my early 20's when I was getting into sportbike riding and watching racing. A racer named Ben Bostrom wore a Kneivel inspired helmet that was probably the best custom helmet I'd ever seen....and pro sportbike racers have some pretty sweet custom helmets. I'd always thought that if I ever got a custom helmet I would want the stripes like on Bostrom's helmet. That's the helmet in the pictures I sent to base the idea off of. I've been through quite a few motorcycle helmets over the years, but never got that custom helmet I had dreamed of. Then I got into skydiving a couple years ago. I'd noticed that although everyone seems to go with their own color schemes with jump suits and such, helmets were pretty much just solid colors. Then I saw some of the helmets you did. I thought that even though I'm still early and learning in my skydiving journey, I could at least have something unique. You may be wondering why I'm telling this story, but I just wanted you to realize how appreciative I am besides just a thank you! That custom helmet I dreamed of? You made that dream a reality for me! Your work is amazing! The pictures on facebook pale in comparison to how great it looks in person! It's perfect! Not only are you a great artist, but also a pleasure to do business with! Thank you Marissa! Sincerely Joey Guidry

Doug Stein

Marissa is an amazingly talented artist and creates some real bad assed designs! Contact Compass & Crow to discuss your ideas. They'll exceed your expectations! Doug

Chris Lee

Oh wow! I got my helmet back today! I am completely blown away. This thing is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I can't wait to show it off at every dz I go to! It's gonna look so amazing in the sky. It makes me want to say screw the bills and go jump it this weekend! I absolutely love it, and could not be any happier with it. Thank you so much!

Kevin Tuthill

I just received my custom painted cookie fuel skydiving helmet back from compass & crow studios. I can not be happier with the artist. I had the idea of recreating the maverick helmet to go along with my dropzone nickname "top gun". The artist and founder of the company Marissa Barclay took my idea above and beyond. The detail and symmetry is incredible. She really made the concept a reality and a piece of art. Besides the masterpiece that was created the overall transaction was smooth, professional, and reasonably priced. Marissa made herself readily available to hear my ideas and also to assist in making the shipping/ money transaction timely and efficient. As a small business compass & crows really made me feel that they take tasks given to them as a very personal representation of their business. I had all the confidence in the artist and knew my task would be taken with great care and pride. I highly recommend to anyone looking to bring a custom idea to life. It was truly a pleasure doing business with them.

John Cheesmond

Thank you again for your work on my custom Aero helmet! Your interest in understanding the personality under the helmet, taking the time to visit us at Spaceland and have a first hand conversation inspired confidence in the process. Marissa was professional throughout, from drafting the initial artwork, through to proofing the final before clear coat. I am incredibly happy in the investment and knowing the helmet is uniquely mine , and an investment of a keepsake to pass on to generations to come. Your personal touch, down to the hand written card, is greatly appreciated and sets you apart, looking forward to the next one!

Patrick Combs

I've never really had anything custom painted before because I was afraid that it wouldn't turn out the way I imagined it would. So having a pair of Oakley Snow goggles, that weren't even mine, custom painted was a pretty big leap of faith. I talked to Marissa, from Compass and Crow Studios, and she put my anxiety at ease. I had given her a picture of what I wanted them to look like when finished. I also asked for a small customization of my own. When Marissa was done with them she sent me a few photos of the finished product. I was amazed by how they turned out! These were a gift that I got for my best friend that had come home from basic training for the National Guard. I had explained to her how I wanted nothing shy of perfection and she delivered! My friend was just amazed as I was and cannot wait to use his new custom painted goggles this weekend. Marissa does authentic and professional work with absolute attention to detail. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone seeking professional custom artwork.

Amanda "Gixxie" Kemmer

I just wanted to take a brief moment to first say thank you. As a newbie to the skydiving world I felt I was taking a chance sending you a message about the sport and my helmet . I had no idea what my response would be. Would you only be interested in the sale, or would you take a few mins to help me out. From day one you restored my faith in good people alone, not to mention the warm welcome to the sport. You treated me like we had known each other for years, old friends who went way back even though we've never met. When we started chatting about my helmet, jumping, and the tunnel I knew I was getting much more than a badass helemt. I gained a friendship. Girl, your work speaks for itself, but your amazing heart will take you even further with this business. I can't wait to see what you do to my motorcycle helmet, and watch you grow as an artist. Look forward to seeing you soon! Blue skies


I've been surrounded by creative minds since I was a child. My father owned a small advertising agency, and my mother was a graphic designer and freelance artist. In 2011, I graduated magna cum laude and with University Honors from Northern Illinois University. I obtained my Bachelor's of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in visual arts. I taught high school art and graphic design courses in Illinois in the Rockford Public School District for several years before leaving the profession to work in the skydiving industry. Referencing a particular skydiving movie, I guess you could say I "cutaway" from the real world to pursue my dream.
I worked one of the manifest positions at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in the summer of 2014 and it was there that I founded my business, Compass & Crow Studios. I bought my first helmet, a gloss black Sky Systems Edge. It was beautiful but looked like several other black helmets on the drop zone. So using my creative skills, I painted my favorite animal on it- a crow. My friends began asking me to paint their helmets and eventually word got out about my helmet artwork. Before I knew it, I was getting orders from around the United States. I decided that I would take a leap of faith and make this hobby into a legitimate business.
Currently, I operate out of my studio in Rockford, Illinois. But I am planning to travel to several drop zones throughout the country over the course of the next year or two. I greatly enjoy being a business owner and being able to share my gift with others. Picasso once said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" and that is exactly what I intend to do.


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